Bears rookie RB David Montgomery's Madden 20 rating revealed
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Bears rookie RB David Montgomery’s Madden 20 rating revealed

David Montgomery, Bears, Madden 20

The Chicago Bears were without a first or a second-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft, so the class lacked a certain amount of star power. Granted, third-round running back David Montgomery has received a lot of hype as a potential breakout rookie.

The class’ Madden 20 ratings reflected this lack of star power. The rankings were revealed recently, and Montgomery is the only rookie rated above a 70 overall.

Here’s a look at the Bears’ draft class:

  • RB David Montgomery – 71 overall
  • WR Riley Ridley – 69 overall
  • WR Emanuel Hall – 67 overall
  • TE Dax Raymond – 63 overall
  • HB Kerrith Whyte – 63 overall
  • CB Duke Shelley – 62 overall
  • CB Stephen Denmark – 60 overall
  • LG Alex Bars – 57 overall

The list features all five of Chicago’s draft picks with Montgomery, Ridley, Whyte, Shelley, and Denmark. It also added undrafted free agents in Hall, Raymond, and Bars. It is notable that both Hall and Raymond are ranked relatively high for being undrafted players.

Hall was projected by many as a mid-round selection and has the third-highest rookie rating on the team. He is also rated as the fasted rookie of the eight with a 93 overall speed rating. Whyte falls in just behind him with a 92 overall speed rating.

Montgomery has the highest awareness with a 73 rating and is listed with a speed rating of 84. He was also listed with a 71 catch rating. Ridley has the best catching rating with an 83. He also has an awareness rating of 69 and a speed rating of 86.

Though it is safe to say that if some of these rookies produce as expected, those rankings will go up in the next roster update.