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Bears QB Justin Fields gets surprising Rookie of the Year vote from former All-Pro star

Justin Fields, Dez Bryant, Bears

The Cult of Justin Fields continues to grow. Last week, Chicago Bears and NFL fans alike called for the rookie Fields to take over Andy Dalton’s starting spot. Despite the rookie barely playing in their first game of the season, fans seemingly saw enough for him to start for the Bears.

Now, Justin Fields has earned himself another unlikely supporter: former All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant commented on an Instagram post of the Bears rookie, saying that (via Justin Fields on IG):

“Your time is coming and I can’t wait… Rookie of the Year!”


Fans have been trying to figure out the potential connection between Bryant and Fields. Bryant has never played for the Bears in his storied career. Their college alma mater isn’t the same (Fields came from Ohio State, Bryant from Oklahoma State). The only logical reason would be that Bryant had watched a couple of Fields’ games in Ohio, and was impressed.

That has to be a great sign for the Bears and their fans, who are looking at Fields as a potential franchise quarterback for the team. Of course, they’d love it if their coach would play the rookie QB more than Dalton, who didn’t look like an NFL QB in their season debut. But for now, Bears fans can assure themselves with the fact that a former All-Pro receiver is impressed enough by Fields’s performance.

Hopefully, Justin Fields will use this as motivation to perform better when it matters the most. He’s got some incredible names behind him backing him up, and the sky is the limit for him.