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Bears coach Matt Nagy says 2018 team immediately felt comfortable with Mitch Trubisky

Matt Nagy, Bears, Mitch Trubisky

The Chicago Bears took the football world by storm a season ago while the once heralded NFC North franchise not only won the division in 2018 but now appear primed for a lengthy run at the league for years to come. With the tandem of second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and first-year head coach Matt Nagy instantly connecting in the “Windy City,” the Bears should compete at a high level once again come 2019.

Leading to such early success in Chicago, Nagy believes that the Bears immediately bought into the idea of Trubisky being the starter under center.

“I felt it right away,” Nagy recently said of his team’s confidence in Trubisky, via The Athletic. “I really did. I think really our team last year, it wasn’t even about that. I think it was about me. When were they going to buy into me? A lot of those guys last year, they already knew about Mitch. The new guys we brought in didn’t and they developed a chemistry offensively.”

With both the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings serving as viable threats in the division, the Bears will surely encounter the full respect of both franchises going forward. While Chicago was able to sneak up on some teams this past season, it will definitely be hard to repeat as a surprise contender in 2019.

Because Trubisky will only get better as time goes on, paired with an incredibly talented Bears defense, the entire NFC has already been put on notice for the foreseeable future.