The Cincinnati Bengals used the first pick in the second round of the NFL Draft (33rd overall) on wide receiver Tee Higgins out of Clemson.

This was a great selection that gave first overall selection, quarterback Joe Burrow, a weapon that can grow with him. That was the talk when Tee Higgins was drafted, but it didn’t last long.

ESPN showed a graphic that many found controversial, and for good reason. The graphic in question listed facts about Higgins’ life. And the last one mentioned that his mother had fought drug addiction for 16 years.

This seemed unnecessary to share to the world. Something that many felt Higgins probably wouldn’t want on National TV. This was meant to be an incredible moment for Tee Higgins and suddenly ESPN is shoving that down his throat?

This was only made even worse considering the growing theme of the draft. It seemed after every pick they would tell a story about tragedy in the player’s life. So a lot of people felt that ESPN only even included that tidbit about Higgins’ mother so they could share some of his tragedy.

Ryan S. Clark of “The Athletic” shared that ESPN issued an apology to Tee Higgins.

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Many people still weren’t satisfied though. And now Tee Higgins has responded himself.

The wide receiver took a different view.

Obviously this is Higgins’ call. No one else can tell him how to feel. So if the wide receiver is okay with it, that’s where the situation should end. We can all still feel like it wasn’t right of ESPN, but Tee Higgins is taking the high road, so that’s where the discussion should end.

Complaining about the error by ESPN will only mean sharing the story even more. And that means the story about Tee Higgins will reach even more eyes.

Congratulations to Tee Higgins for making the NFL. A truly talented athlete and classy person, who deserves what’s coming to him. Meanwhile, congratulations to his mother for being a fighter. Here’s hoping their lives only continue to improve.