After the Cincinnati Bengals handled the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-10 in Week 3, Cincy wide receiver Tyler Boyd didn't hold back his thoughts when he accused the Steelers of quitting.

“I think the good thing about that win was, not only did the Steelers feel that, everybody in the country felt it. Because the last plays of the game for them, they gave up. You could see it. They had three drops in a row. For a team to see that is giving us more power, giving us the antidote to know how good we are.”

Even after those quotes that will certainly add some flare to the Bengals – Steelers AFC North rivalry, Boyd decided to double-down on his initial thoughts.

Boyd hauled in 4 receptions and a touchdown for the Bengals in the win over the Steelers. Pittsburgh has struggled after their season opening win in Buffalo against the Bills and it won't get any easier as they have a matchup in Green Bay against the Packers next up on the schedule.

Getting accused of quitting against a division rival is quit a bold claim to make. Perhaps Boyd is being genuine or maybe he's trying to dance on top of the Steelers after the Bengals dominated them.

Either way, it makes their next head-to-head battle on November 28th in Cincinnati that much more interesting, regardless of what team records are at that point.