The Chicago Blackhawks are entering a new era for their franchise, moving forward without icons Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. However, they have another potential icon ready to make his mark. First overall pick Connor Bedard is generating a level of hype fans have not seen in a while. But what exactly is it that makes him special?

This question was recently put to the test. The Athletic asked a number of players, both teammates and opponents, for their take on the matter. One player was Kevin Korchinski, a first-round pick of the Blackhawks in 2022. Korchinski mentioned the offensive ability Bedard possesses. However, he noted that the prized Blackhawks prospect has more to his game than an incredible shot.

“His shot’s something that’s highly spoken of, but it’s just his ability to make plays, and his poise with the puck. It just seems like he always makes the right play,” Korchinski told The Athletic on Wednesday. “And whether you see the play develop or you don’t, he makes the right one. He’s obviously really special.”

Bedard has certainly proved his potential on some of junior hockey's biggest stages. Take the World Junior Championships, for example. He broke longstanding Team Canada records at this year's tournament. His nine goals and 23 points in seven games proved that he was simply heads and shoulders ahead of the rest of the competition.

Of course, the NHL is a different beast entirely. Bedard will play against players with more strength and experience than those he's faced before. However, the prized Blackhawks prospect has all the makings of a future superstar in the league. And it'll be interesting to follow his career over the next several years.