Patriots news: Blackhawks star Patrick Kane praises Tom Brady's greatness
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Blackhawks star Patrick Kane praises Patriots superstar Tom Brady’s greatness

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Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane has won multiple Stanley Cups during his time atop the highest level. While Kane can undoubtedly be categorized as someone who knows a whole lot about winning, I think it’s safe to say that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady remains atop such a list after capturing yet another Super Bowl title — his sixth in nine tries.

Kane, a native of Buffalo, New York, has since taken the time to praise the future Hall of Fame signal caller despite his Buffalo Bills fandom.

“It’s hard not to like him to be honest with you,” Kane recently told reporters, via NBC Sports Chicago. “Even if you’re a Bills fan, he’s just an unbelievable athlete.”

The heralded Patriots have now won two of the last three Super Bowls in addition to capturing three of the last five titles as well. Overall, Brady has led the Patriots to six championship victories while reaching the NFL’s grandest stage a total of nine times over the years.

“I just felt like we needed to grind it out all night,” Brady said after his latest Super Bowl victory. “We couldn’t take our foot off the gas pedal, we were playing a great football team. They’re explosive in all areas. They got the one turnover. They have a great team.”

In typical Brady fashion, the Patriots quarterback took the win in stride while not letting title No. 6 inflate his ego. Well, after six titles in nine attempts, perhaps it is all second nature to him at this point.