The Damian Lillard trade is not the only thing that is looming over the Portland Trail Blazers. A sale of the franchise has also been in the works since Paul Allen died. Adam Silver and the NBA provided a crucial update on the historic NBA team.

Paul Allen died nearly half a decade ago. One of his wishes was for the Blazers to be sold after his death. There still has been no significant movement in the NBA team's crucial sale. Adam Silver outlined why this was the case, via Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal.

“The board has not discussed a compelling sale of the team, “the league commissioner said. Silver added that the reasonable timeframe still has not come for the Blazers' sale, “Obviously, ‘within a reasonable timeframe' is subject to interpretation. In the case of Paul Allen's estate, it's one of the largest in American history and highly complex in terms of his assets.”

But, the Allen family has been trying to fix these issues such that the franchise could be sold. The commissioner revealed how his conversation went with Jody Allen regarding this, “I've spoken directly to Jody Allen and they are working through those issues.”

A sale of the franchise may not come yet but there is no reason to believe that it won't happen. As of the moment, the team just needs to figure out if they will be able to trade Damian Lillard to the Miami Heat by the start of the NBA season.