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Blazers star Damian Lillard drops shocking injury revelation on ‘bulge’ he dealt with for four years

Damian Lillard, Blazers

Damian Lillard has been an iron man for the Portland Trail Blazers for most of his career. He has suffered a few injuries here and there, but he never missed significant time for the most part. That all changed in 2021, however, when Lillard suffered an abdominal injury. Dame would miss a huge chunk of the 2021 season due to that injury and his subsequent surgery.

Now, it seems like Lillard is ready to return to doing his thing for the Blazers in the 2022 season. During a media appearance, Dame revealed that he has been feeling better than ever since his surgery. The Blazers star also revealed a rather worrying detail about the extent of his injury. (via Orlando Sanchez)

Lillard’s story about having a bulge in his pelvic area after workouts and games is concerning, to say the least. Imagine coming from an intense physical day and feeling that discomfort immediately. It seemed like the Blazers star endured this pain for more than four years, according to him.

Thankfully for the Blazers fanbase, Damian Lillard seems like he’s fully recovered from his abdominal injury properly. The Blazers are hoping to make a triumphant return to the playoffs after missing it for the first time since Lillard’s rookie year. They have built a completely different roster around him, but the goal remains the same.

Will we see a brand-new Dame Time moment next season for Portland? They did make some interesting moves in the backcourt, drafting rookie Shaedon Sharpe and acquiring breakout defensive ace Gary Payton II in free agency.