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Brandon Boston Jr. survives car crash involving Kentucky teammate Terrence Clarke

Brandon Boston Jr, Terrence Clarke

The basketball world was struck by tragic news on Thursday after it was reported that University of Kentucky standout Terrence Clarke passed away in a car accident. It was also reported that teammate Brandon Boston Jr. was with him during the incident, but that Boston has survived the crash.

This report comes via Terek Fatal of L.A. Daily News:

The details of the tragic accident have not been reported as of yet, but the death of Clarke has already been confirmed by multiple outlets. NBA players from around the league have likewise learned about the tragedy and have since taken to social media to share their reactions to this shocking development.

Clarke and Boston were reportedly leaving practice when they met the accident. They were driving in separate vehicles and as indicated in the above report, it does not look like Boston was involved in the accident.

Both Clarke and Boston recently declared for the 2021 NBA Draft. Based on mock drafts, they were both expected to be plucked off the board in the mid- or late-first round.

It’s so regretful to think that right now, it’s only Boston who’s going to be able to live out his NBA career. Clarke had a very bright future ahead of him, but this has all been taken away in an instant. We can’t help but say that this is a stark reminder of how life is indeed too short.

Our thoughts and prayers to the family of Terrence Clarke in these extremely difficult times.