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Brandon Jennings takes shot at D’Angelo Russell in now-deleted tweet

brandon jennings, d'angelo russell
Left: Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post; Right: Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers‘ guard D’Angelo Russell has been turning a lot of heads after showing huge improvement in his game. He was very promising during the offseason and has continued to showcase it up to the start of this season.

Even his fellow players were impressed with the development he has shown, including Brandon Jennings of the New York Knicks. The 27-year-old even took to Twitter and gave a good word about Russell’s game.

However, he also made one thing clear: he has not forgotten what Russell did to his teammate, Nick Young, last season.

Jennings was referring to the video taken by D-Lo that leaked wherein Young admitted to infidelities while engaged to hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea. Even if Young said he was open to reconciling with Russell, the issue has always been a sensitive and controversial topic and while the tweet has now been deleted, a lot of Twitter users were already able to see before it was removed.

It will be very interesting to see how Jennings and Russell compete against each when their teams face off on December 11, as his tweet has definitely added a lot of color to their team’s historic rivalry.

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