As the Atlanta Braves gear up for the Winter Meetings, General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has floated a compelling possibility regarding the team's outfield configuration. In a statement that has stirred the Braves community, Anthopoulos mentioned that if the season were to start today, prospect Vaughn Grissom would be considered for the left field position.

Grissom, who is set to play left field in Puerto Rico this winter, is traditionally an infielder but may find himself in a new role come spring, as reported by The Athletic's David O'Brien on X, formerly Twitter. This move is contingent on the Braves' actions in the offseason; if they do not acquire another left fielder, Grissom would be the primary option. Forrest Wall, another player in the Braves organization, has also been mentioned as a potential candidate for left field.

Anthopoulos has not ruled out the possibility of bringing in an “established, bona fide guy” for the left field if the right opportunity arises. This indicates that while Grissom is a strong internal option, the Braves are keeping their options open as they enter the free agency and trade market.

Grissom's name has been prominent in Braves news, especially following his promising performance after being called up in light of Ozzie Albies' injury. The young infielder has shown promise and versatility, characteristics that the Braves value highly in their players.

The Braves have a history of promoting prospects for September call-ups and are not shy about making significant decisions regarding their young talent. Vaughn Grissom's case appears to be no different, with the team ready to give him a shot at proving himself in a new position.