The 2023 Atlanta Braves are an incredible baseball team. Ronald Acuna Jr. has already set multiple records, most notably becoming the first 40-70 player ever. Spencer Strider broke a Braves record on Saturday, surpassing John Smoltz's single-season franchise record with his 277th strikeout of the '23 campaign. But Acuna Jr. wasn't done breaking records of his own, swiping his 73rd bag of the year in the game, setting a new Braves franchise record for stolen bases in a single-season.

Video via Talkin' Baseball:

The Braves broadcaster perfectly summed up Ronald Acuna Jr.'s season from a stolen base standpoint after the historic swipe of second on Saturday.

“Unbelievable. You know he's running and you still can't throw him out.”

Ronald Acuna Jr. sets new Braves single-season stolen base record

The Braves' 2023 season almost feels like a video game. Ronald Acuna Jr. is doing things that haven't been seen before, and the offense has been superb overall.

Matt Olson would be a legitimate MVP candidate in any other season if Acuna Jr. wasn't having such a historic campaign. Players such as Ozzie Albies have also impressed.

Spencer Strider and the pitching rotation have been fantastic as well. Strider is a strikeout machine.

It goes without saying, but Atlanta is going to be a very dangerous team in October. That said, every ball club in the National League is going to be fully prepared to play the Braves, making an upset a possibility.

With the way Ronald Acuna Jr. and the team are playing though, it's going to take all hands on deck for Atlanta's opponents to pull off an upset in October.