After dropping their first two games against the Carolina Hurricanes, the Boston Bruins have bounced back. Thanks to David Pastrnak's efforts, they were able to snag Game 3 at home. Naturally, the crowd was excited, as Boston sports fans generally are. That, unfortunately, led to a dangerous situation for one official.

During the crowd, Bruins fans were pounding the plexiglass in anticipation of the win. Unfortunately, as they were banging the glass, a large chunk was pried loose, hitting an off-ice official in the head. Immediately, medical personnel headed to the penalty box official and stretchered him as a precautionary measure. (via CJ Fogler)

It's worth noting that despite being stretchered out, the penalty box attendant was awake and responsive. The medical staff inside the Bruins' home stadium simply took caution, as the official was struck with a blow to a head.

Banging the glass during playoff games has long been a hockey tradition. This incident during the Bruins-Hurricanes game was just an unfortunate accident. After all, it's hard for fans to contain their excitement when their team bounces back from two straight defeats in front of the home crowd.

After being silenced in the last two games, Pastrnak came alive in Game 3, helping carry the Bruins to the win. In fact, the glass incident was preceded by fans celebrating a goal from Pastrnak to put Boston up 3-1 in the game. The star would comment on the matter during the broadcast, saying:

β€œThese things are always scary for anybody … so hopefully he's going to be all right,”