Buccaneers news: Bruce Arians says Jameis Winston has 'really good chance' of new deal if recent play continues
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Bruce Arians says Jameis Winston has ‘really good chance’ of new deal if recent play continues

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After Sunday’s victory against the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s head coach Bruce Arians had some encouraging words regarding quarterback Jameis Winston’s future with the team.

With Winston being in the final year of his contract, the Bucs are in a tough position regarding whether to fork over a $100+ million contract to a quarterback they picked first overall back in 2015 or to let a guy that has been one of the more turnover-prone quarterbacks in the league walk.

“He’s taken us down the field to win or tie the game the last two weeks in the last two minutes,” Arians said, via Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America. “That’s the maturity of a young quarterback you’re looking for. If he plays like he has the last two weeks for the rest of the season, I’d say there’s a really good chance.”

While Winston did not have a particularly great game on Sunday, throwing for one touchdown compared to two interceptions, he did lead his team down the field in the fourth quarter to take the lead with under two minutes to play. The Florida State product has shown why he was picked first overall with some amazing throws and his ability to rack up yardage, but he has not seemed to improve his questionable and erratic decision making.

Many feel as though Winston can not be relied on and putting the game in his hands is a dangerous decision given his history of turning the ball over. However, with so few quarterbacks in this league that have the abilities Winston contains, the Bucs might be forced to hand over a large contract with no replacement in sight.

Whether or not Winston can deliver that kind of maturity every single week is another question but for now, the Bucs have to be satisfied with what they saw from Winston on Sunday.