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Bucs’ Jason Pierre-Paul still wearing a neck brace

Jason Pierre-Paul, Buccaneers

Jason Pierre-Paul had a fantastic first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018. After playing for the New York Giants for the first eight years of his career, the pass rusher posted his second-most sacks ever in a season in his first year with Tampa Bay.

Pierre-Paul racked up 12.5 sacks and looked like someone that could help turn the Buccaneers back into winners. However, things were derailed a little bit this offseason, when the 30-year-old suffered a fractured neck vertebrae in a car accident back in May.

The hope is that he’ll return to action in October but that’s still up in the air. All anyone can hope for at this time is positive progression.

According to Charean Williams of ProFootballTalk.com, that positive news didn’t exactly come on Pierre-Paul’s Instagram. The USF product posted a video to Instagram, and in it he was wearing a neck brace.

This isn’t the worst news in the world. It’s only been two months since the injury – you shouldn’t expect the guy to be moving his neck all that much. In fact, it’s probably better that he has it on. The worst possible thing for Pierre-Paul to do would be to try and rush back from the injury.

Neck injuries are nothing to play with – and there’s no reason for him to risk his health just to get back to the field a few games sooner.

Jason Pierre-Paul has had some bad luck with injuries in his career. Hopefully this is just another stepping stone and he can come back just as strong as before.

For now though, all we have are whatever he posts to let us know how he’s doing.