The Milwaukee Bucks players have been scammed, for real. We've all seen the phony emails with promises to fill your bank account with random Nigerian wealth, or fake Facebook information verification requests. This was on a different level.

This particular scam incident was a result of someone impersonating Bucks team President Peter Feigin. What the scammers were able to obtain from a team employee was player W-2 documentation from 2015, including all sorts of personal and asset information, social security numbers, tax and earnings information, and more.

The Bucks organization discovered a couple of weeks later that the information was sent and retrieved by a spoof hacker, who asked for a number of private documents, which he ultimately obtained successfully.

The Bucks consider this incident a ‘serious security incident' and have notified the IRS and the FBI.  While the investigation is pending, the team will provide the players whatever they can in terms of protection. They released the following statement to the press:

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We take  this incident, and the privacy and security of our employees, very seriously. We immediately launched an investigation, which is aggressive and ongoing. We quickly notified impacted individuals and are arranging for these individuals to have access to three years of credit monitoring and non-expiring identity restoration services.

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