On Thursday, Milwaukee Bucks stud Khris Middleton received arguably the most significant validation to his status as a legitimate rising star by getting his first ever All-Star nod. In the midst of his recent achievement, the 27-year-old was quick to emphasize his loyalty to the Bucks organization.

This is definitely great to hear for Bucks fans, as Middleton has pretty much committed himself to the organization for the foreseeable future. This is definitely a welcome development given how the 6-foot-8 wing will have a huge decision to make this summer.

Middleton is currently on the fourth year of five-year, $70 million deal, but it is important to note that next season will be a player option for him. This means that he could decide to walk away from the team after this season, and leave Milwaukee with nothing to show for.

However, with his recent comments, it appears that Middleton is prepared to put pen to paper on an extension with the Bucks. It now seems that his decision to prolong negotiations will work in his favor, as his value has taken a significant boost after being selected to the All-Star team.

It is, however, also worth noting that Middleton appears to have set a huge premise on his decision to commit to Milwaukee for the long haul. The first half of his statement focuses heavily on Giannis Antetokounmpo's own commitment to the team. Does this mean that if Giannis goes, then Middleton goes too?

Luckily for Bucks fans, Antetokounmpo himself is fully-committed to the team and his contract runs until the 2020-21 season, so it does not look like this will be factor for Middleton's decision this summer.