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Bobby Portis on why he backed out of in-depth piece on punching incident with Nikola Mirotic

Bobby Portis, Nikola Mirotic

Due to the highly competitive nature of the sport, in-game heat-of-the-moment type of altercations are not uncommon in the NBA. However, it is definitely unusual to hear about teammates fighting, especially to the point where punches are literally thrown.

This is exactly what happened in the Chicago Bulls camp last summer in one of the most bizarre circumstances of recent years. Bulls forward Bobby Portis, who reportedly sucker punched former teammate Nikola Mirotic during practice, was set to share his side of the story before deciding to flake at the last minute. One year later, Portis sheds some light on this puzzling turn of events.

Portis was interviewed by K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. The writer first explained the premise of the story.

“Late last season, Bobby Portis told The Athletic he planned to pen an essay for The Players’ Tribune detailing his side of the altercation that broke bones in Nikola Mirotic’s face and rocked Bulls training camp a year ago,” wrote Johnson.

When asked why he opted to pull out of the exposé, Portis explained that at that time, he felt that he had more relevant things to attend to.

“I decided to not do it,” Portis said Tuesday after the Bulls’ first practice of this camp. “Just focus on the future and focus on myself — me and my family. … I really wasn’t worried about anybody else but myself and bettering myself. Locked in on having a good year, not only for myself but for the organization.”

While he does make a valid point here, the world is still overly curious about what transpired during that fateful day. What was said/done that was so bad that Portis had to resort to the use of his fists? Unfortunately, this appears to be one of those mysteries that will remain to be as is.