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Hype over ‘The Last Dance’ makes prop bets emerge ahead of premiere

Michael Jordan, Bulls

ESPN’s highly-anticipated docu-series, “The Last Dance”, about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, is, at least temporarily, filling the massive televised sports content void that has set in during the coronavirus pandemic—which is precisely why the network smartly moved-up the documentary’s air date, originally set for June.

Among the many reasons why the documentary series is so hotly anticipated is, of course, because it’s a new sports thing to bet on. Fortunately, SportsBetting.ag has everyone (partially) covered, releasing a series of prop bets for the premiere of the Bulls documentary.

Take note: the bets currently available only apply to the first hour of the doc.

Will “The Last Dance” documentary win an Emmy Award in 2020?
Yes +300
No -500

Will Michael Jordan cry?
Yes -120
No -120

Will LeBron James be seen?
Yes -120
No -120

Will Kobe Bryant be seen?
Yes -300
No +200

Will “gambling” be said?
Yes -200
No +150

Will “Space Jam” be said or clip shown?
Yes -120
No -120

Will “Sirius” song be heard?
Yes -500
No +300

When will Air Jordan logo be seen?
Before 10 minutes (+150)
After 10 minutes (-200)

Will Jordan’s game-winning national championship shot be shown?
Yes -300
No +200

Will impeachment trial of Bill Clinton be shown or mentioned?
Yes -140
No +100

Will Yankees World Series Championship be shown or mentioned?
Yes +100
No -140

Will Barack Obama tweet about the documentary?
Yes +200
No -300

First person to be shown?
Phil Jackson +300
Scottie Pippen +350
Kobe Bryant +400
Magic Johnson +500
Dennis Rodman +500
Deloris Jordan +800
Barack Obama +1000
Steve Kerr +1000
Bob Costas +1200
Charles Barkley +1400
Justin Timberlake +1400
Jerry Seinfeld +2000
Pat Riley +2000
Adam Silver +2500

As almost everyone surely know by now, “The Last Dance” premieres on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.