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Jabari Parker says injuries don’t define Derrick Rose, talks about influence

Derrick Rose and Jabari Parker are both from the Windy City, and the two have added another similarity between them when the latter signed with the Chicago Bulls — with whom Rose once saw his career bloom – this summer. Also, Rose and Parker fell victims to the dreaded ACL injury, adding another common ground, albeit a negative one.

Parker looks up to Derrick Rose, even saying that “his [Rose’s] injuries don’t define him,” despite seeing the former league MVP’s career regress in such a rapid manner due to his body consistently breaking down, per Nick Friedell of ESPN.

Jabari Parker also gives Rose credit for inspiring him to enroll at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, the same high school that produced the point guard.

“His influence on the culture helped me go to Simeon,” Parker said. “I’ve seen that if you bring a group of guys together, and if you are successful, then you’re going to do well, so that’s what I love: The exposure that he helped pave the way for me and other guys, and I was able to do that for other guys after me.”

In college, Parker went to Duke and played one year in Durham before declaring for the 2014 NBA Draft, where he was selected second overall by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Parker brings with him in Chicago the hope of Bulls fans that he’s going to help spell a resurgence sooner than later, a burden that Rose had on his shoulders before being repeatedly betrayed by his own body.