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Bulls making Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant available, considers Tony Allen’s trade value


The Chicago Bulls are looking to make moves with the Feb. 8 trade deadline only a few days away, making starting center Robin Lopez and backup guard Jerian Grant available in talks, according to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune.

The Bulls are also expected to take a closer look at Tony Allen’s expiring contract, after acquiring him via trade in return for stretch-four Nikola Mirotic last week. Allen was reportedly likely to be waived, but the Bulls will hold onto his right as a potential bundling opportunity in any trade.

They are expected to do the same with Jameer Nelson’s deal — making them potential bargaining chips until the deadline runs out, at which point they’ll have to decide whether to waive or keep them, making the necessary roster adjustments.

Head coach Fred Hoiberg has been unable to answer questions about all the uncertainty surrounding the Bulls.

“As a player, my mindset was to worry about the things I can control. And that’s to continue to try to get better, keep working on my game, and continue to play with the team I was on,” Hoiberg said. “That’s where our guys have done a good job, because there have been so many rumors this year. They’ve kept a professional attitude about everything. And I do think, for the most part, we are competing. I really do.”

The team is currently without starting point guard Kris Dunn (concussion) and starting forward Lauri Markkanen, who became a new father — making Zach LaVine the one and only option on offense during the last few days.

“We just practice with the guys we have, and that’s the game plan we put in,” Hoiberg said. “Really, (Sunday) was all about us. We didn’t talk about Sacramento. It was more about fixing what we did and building on the things we did well.”

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