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Zach LaVine has seen Space Jam nearly 200 times

Zach LaVine

Space Jam is a must-watch for any kid growing up a basketball fan and Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine really took that to another level.

According to Malika Andrews of the Chicago Tribune, LaVine’s obsession with the film was part of what made him fall in love with basketball. Andrews also talks about how much LaVine actually watched Space Jam as a kid.

“He couldn’t remember exactly how old he was the first time he saw the film, which was released when he was 20 months old. He estimated he has seen it dozens of times, though Paul thought it was closer to 200. When LaVine was a child and the closing credits would roll, he would ask his father to rewind the tape and start it from the beginning.”

Most kids that were born in the 90s can probably relate to this. They were born too late to watch Michael Jordan in his prime, but they all got to connect with the all-time great in a different way. That was by watching him lead Bugs Bunny and company to a comeback victory over the Monstars.

It’s fitting that Space Jam 2 will be released soon and a new generation of basketball fans will connect with LeBron James despite not being able to watch much of his career. Perhaps there are a few kids out there that will fall in love with the flick and develop a LaVine-type obsession with it.