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Bulls waiting for the right time to trade Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine, Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are building something interesting through the draft. Lauri Markkanen, Coby White, Wednell Carter Jr., and new rookie Patrick Williams were all taken with high picks and could all become solid to great role players but the Bulls still lack one bonafide future All-Star type player.

Zach LaVine was supposed to be that player and he’s turned into an electric scorer, but with a new front office, Arturas Karnisovas might decide he’s not the star they want to build around.

On the daily Locked On Bulls Podcast, host Jordan Maly is joined by Cody Westerlund to discuss Zach LaVine and why the Bulls may be ready to trade him sooner rather than later.

Jordan Maly: What do you think the Bulls are going to struggle with when they’re considering dealing Zach LaVine?

Cody Westerlund: I don’t think the Zack LaVine situation is going to be difficult for the front office, I think they’ll probably move on from him. They just don’t know when and they’ll wait for the right moment to flip him for a young player they like or a draft pick, perhaps if we’re looking at the draft ahead of the draft next year. I think obviously the time to do this with LaVine, he has two years left on his contract at a fair number, most teams would probably prefer to have someone like that for two playoff pushes unless they’re a team that’s trying to operate year to year to keep their flexibility. Maybe that would be the time before free agency in the draft next year to deal him, but he could be dealt at this trade deadline. I just don’t see his game fitting, if we use Denver as the model and if we take AK at his word with the ball sharing system that he wants to play with, I don’t see LaVine’s game fitting as snugly as the front office would like.