Byron Scott recently spent some time on the Dan Patrick Show and discussed his departure from the Los Angeles Lakers.

He felt it would take some time to turn the team around and felt the Lakers were on the same page as he was in regards to the teams current condition.

You do have a bunch of guys that you are trying to develop and get them to understand how to play the right way, and then you have Kobe basically on a (farewell) tour.

When Scott found out that he was being let go, he was indeed caught off guard.

I was a little blindsided by it… But I have no ill-will for the organization. I still love the Lakers organization and I wish them all the best.


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While on the topic, Scott was also asked about new incoming coach Luke Walton and what kind of advice he would leave for him for the upcoming year.

The first thing I would tell him is that you’ve got a bunch of good guys. And you’ve got a bunch of guys that want to do the right thing, they just don’t know how.

As Scott fades into the distance, Walton comes in and has his work cut out for him.