The excitement was palpable across gaming and sports circles as Call of Duty's latest update introduced the highly anticipated D Book Was Here bundle, a collaborative effort with NBA standout Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns. The reveal, showcased in a one-minute trailer on Call of Duty's official Twitter account, not only unveiled the bundle's contents but also offered glimpses of Booker's genuine enthusiasm for the franchise.

Exclusive Call Of Duty Bundle Highlights Devin Booker's Impact Beyond the Court

The announcement reverberated across gaming and sports circles following a one-minute trailer showcased on Call of Duty's official Twitter account. The trailer not only unveiled the contents of the bundle but also featured snippets of Booker expressing his affinity for the franchise.

Priced at 2,400 CoD Points, the D Book Was Here bundle stands as a must-have for gamers and basketball fans alike. The package boasts an array of exclusive items, including the D Book operator skin. This transformative skin adorns the in-game character with Booker's iconic style, complete with a tuxedo, beanie, and fingerless gloves. Additionally, two weapon blueprints, the MTZ-762 Sunrise Tracer and the WSP-9 Sunset Tracer, offer vibrant multicolored designs reminiscent of a sunrise or sunset, paying homage to Booker's tenure with the Phoenix Suns.

But the bundle's offerings extend beyond mere aesthetics. Purchasers unlock an array of cosmetic items tailored to Booker's persona, including a unique calling card, charm, sticker, decal, and a signature finishing move dubbed “Sick ‘Em Haven.” Each element of the bundle serves as a tribute to the basketball star.

Call of Duty's Collaborative Offerings And Prime Gaming Perks

For those seeking further diversification of their virtual armory, Call of Duty presents various other collaborations in its in-game store. Although the Kevin Durant bundle is presently unavailable, fans can still procure themed bundles inspired by franchises like Cheech and Chong, Godzilla x Kong, Warhammer 40K, The Walking Dead, and Dune. Notably, the CODasaurus bundle, featuring a striking dinosaur-themed operator skin, remains a popular choice among players.

Furthermore, Prime Gaming subscribers have an additional treat in store. Until May 23, Prime Gaming offers a complimentary Call of Duty bundle adorned in a vibrant green color scheme, featuring an operator skin, weapon blueprint, and other themed items. It presents a splendid opportunity for players to elevate their gaming experience at no cost.

With its diverse array of collaborations and offerings, Call of Duty continues to lead the charge in delivering captivating and immersive content to its gaming community. The inclusion of the D Book Was Here bundle underscores the franchise's commitment to providing an exhilarating experience for all players in the virtual arena.

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