Activision announced the launch of the Cheech and Chong bundle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a move that adds a vibrant twist to its seasoned first-person shooter series. The bundle, part of the broader Season 3 content reveal, brings a unique blend of humor and nostalgia to the battlefield, featuring new operator skins and voiceovers by the famed comedic duo, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

The announcement was made through a colorful trailer that showcased the extensive new features of the bundle. Notably, the package includes two operators modeled after Cheech and Chong, voiced by the actors themselves. This thematic integration extends beyond the characters, encompassing a full range of in-game items that celebrate the pair’s legacy in popular culture.

Cheech & Chong Bundle | Call of Duty: Warzone & Modern Warfare III

Cheech & Chong's Playful Customizations And Themed Content Enliven MW3

In addition to the operator skins, the bundle boasts three weapon blueprints that carry the distinctive flair of the comedic duo. These blueprints introduce a playful twist to combat; a unique death effect transforms eliminated players into human-sized joints, reflecting the duo’s famed affinity for cannabis culture. The bundle also offers players a variety of customization options, including two decals, two weapon charms, a finishing move, a loading screen, and a unique weapon sticker, all designed to echo the lighthearted and irreverent spirit of Cheech and Chong.

Adding to the immersion, the bundle includes a series of voice lines that draw from Cheech and Chong’s iconic banter, enhancing player interactions with humor and a touch of nostalgia. These additions aim to provide a fresh, engaging experience in Modern Warfare 3, making each session both entertaining and memorable.

Moreover, the Cheech and Chong release aligns with a broader celebration of 4/20 within the game. Activision introduced additional marijuana-themed content, including the Stoney Sloth operator bundle, which features its own humorous death effect. Additionally, the psychedelic parkour map is a limited-time engagement in Modern Warfare 3, designed with bright and surreal visuals to capture the spirit of the holiday.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheech & Chong's All Bundle Items

  • Cheech operator and Chong operator
  • Three weapon blueprints: MTZ-556: Dankest, HRM-9: Hashassin, Haymaker: Mellow and Milo
  • Secondhand Smoke  finishing Move
  • The Be Mellow and Cheech & Chong's Large Decals
  • Smoke Buds weapon Sticker
  • The Iconic and Cheech & Chong's Seltzer weapon charms
  • Blunt Buddies loading screen

Activision's Strategic Updates To Modern Warfare 3

The broader content update went live on April 16, ahead of the full Season 3 rollout. This update included crucial gameplay changes, such as weapon rebalancing and alterations to Modern Warfare 3's Ranked Play. For a limited time, previously banned weapons are being reintroduced to Ranked Play to collect player feedback, with the potential for these changes to become permanent based on community response and data analysis.

These updates demonstrate Activision’s commitment to evolving gameplay experiences and maintaining engagement within the Call of Duty community. The inclusion of culturally iconic figures like Cheech and Chong not only broadens the game’s appeal but also integrates a playful, nostalgic element that resonates with a diverse player base.

As Call of Duty continues to expand its universe with creative and thematic content, the introduction of the Cheech and Chong bundle marks a notable milestone in its ongoing endeavor to blend popular culture with interactive entertainment. This approach not only enriches the player's experience but also sets a precedent for future content crossovers.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic yet, featuring a rich mix of novelty, nostalgia, and significant gameplay enhancements. As players explore the new content, they can look forward to a season packed with surprises, humor, and most importantly, endless entertainment. Activision's recent updates guarantee that Call of Duty continues to lead in innovation, constantly pushing the limits of what's achievable in a mainstream shooter.

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