Albert Pujols has reached 700 home runs. The St. Louis Cardinals icon joined Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth in the 700 homer club by going deep against the Los Angeles Dodgers in an 11-0 win.

Many people were looking for Albert Pujols to reach 700 home runs this season. But MLB Network host Greg Amsinger took it up a notch. He made a prediction on April 13th that almost perfectly called when and where Pujols would reach the milestone.

“He will reach 700 career home runs,” Amsinger said. “I do have bad news, Cardinals fans. He's going to hit his 700th career home run on the road…Friday night, in Los Angeles, in September, off Clayton Kershaw. That's when it's gonna happen, against his former teammate.

Perhaps only Mike Blowers' perfectly detailed home run prediction for Matt Tuiasosopo from 2009 belongs in the category of this Albert Pujols prediction. Although it was Phil Bickford who allowed the historic home run instead of Kershaw,  Amsinger's prediction is scarily accurate.

Albert Pujols hit two home runs against the Dodgers to reach 700 dingers. He said afterward that he didn't care whether he got the historic ball back. His love for baseball and its fans make him one of the sport's greatest icons. As he continues to slug in his final year in MLB, fans of all teams are looking on with appreciation and respect.

As the Cardinals compete for the NL Central crown, they will hope to win the World Series one more time with Albert Pujols leading the way.