Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has finally broken his long silence regarding his six-game suspension to start the 2022 season.

For those unaware, the NFL slapped Hopkins with the temporary ban last May for violating the league's policy on Performance Enhancing Drugs. According to reports, the Cardinals star had traces of a banned substance found in a test that the league administered back in November.

Hopkins immediately released a statement after the suspension, saying that he never tested positive for using Performance Enhancing Drugs before, which is why he was shocked with the result. He then apologized to the fans for the controversy and promised to look into the matter.

Now in a recent interview during a charity softball game in Phoenix, Hopkins addressed the matter once again and promised that he'll be ready when he returns.

“I've been good. I have to miss six games, but you know, the team will be ready. And I'll be ready when I'm up,” Hopkins said, per the team website.

DeAndre Hopkins also shared that he and his camp are working to potentially reduce the punishment as they look into the details of the test and suspension. He revealed that the substance found in his system is Ostarine, noting that it is something not taken directly but rather a result of contamination.

“We're still doing some research right now. Hopefully, before the season starts, maybe we can get the games down a little bit. I'm a natural. I'm pretty much a naturopathic kind of person. It's called Ostarine (that was found) and there was 0.1 percent and if you know what that is, it's contamination and not something taken directly. I don't take any supplements, I've never taken supplements, I barely take vitamins. When this happened to me I was shocked, but my (group), we're still trying to find out what's going on.”

There is still some time before the new season starts, so Hopkins can certainly still work to possibly appeal his suspension or at least reduce it to fewer games. It will certainly be a huge boost to the Cardinals if he can return earlier.