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Cardinals QB Josh Rosen says his draft day comments are ‘behind him now’

Josh Rosen, Browns

Josh Rosen has always been outspoken and doesn’t mince words. It’s the exact reason many believe that’s why he fell in the NFL draft.

When he was taken by the Arizona Cardinals with the 10th pick, it was pretty clear he wasn’t happy that he had to wait through the nine picks before him before he heard his name called.

“I was pretty pissed off as I saw teams passing on me,” Rosen said. “There were nine mistakes ahead of me.”

That opened up a lot of eyebrows and it made people wonder even more if this was a guy who is cocky and won’t fit into a locker room or is he just that competitive and it will actually turn out to be a good thing for the Cardinals.

NFL rookies usually want to remain off the radar and fit into the locker room before making bold comments. For Rosen, he isn’t concerned about what he said and states those comments are behind him now.

“It’s behind me,” Rosen said upon arriving in Arizona. “I’m a Cardinal now and hope I will be for many years. I’m going to come in and be respectful. Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon are two amazing quarterbacks.”

For Rosen, he will probably start behind Sam Bradford on the depth chart and if he is smart, he will try to soak up all the knowledge from Bradford that he can.

Bradford and Rosen have very similar playing styles and Rosen can really learn how to be a pro’s pro learning from one of the best in that department.