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Cardinals’ Kyler Murray breaks down insane Hail Mary TD pass to DeAndre Hopkins

Cardinals, Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins

The Arizona Cardinals came up with a huge 32-30 win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray had yet another outstanding performance to lead his side to victory. Sunday’s tremendous showing included a last-second Hail Mary TD pass to DeAndre Hopkins — something that the 23-year-old QB spoke about after the game.

The Cardinals quarterback broke down the heroic play, and admitted that he knew it was going to be good as soon as he left it hands:

“I definitely thought it had a chance when I let it go,” Murray said, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “Just the feeling of it. When I rolled out, the play was designed to roll out to the left, [I] had to make somebody miss then just give the best shooter in the league a chance. And he came down with the ball. . . . I knew when I let it go, I think I was facing the sideline after I let it go, so I’m literally looking at my teammates. But I knew when I let it go, I thought it had a good chance. Every quarterback kind of has that feeling when you let it go whether it’s good or not. Like I said, it felt good, and it went in.”

Murray completed 22-of-32 passes against the Bills for a 245-yard gain, while also adding one touchdown and one interception. The Cardinals star also rushed 11 times for 61 yards and two more TDs on the ground.

Among other accomplishments on the evening, Murray became just the fourth QB in in NFL history to score on at least one rushing touchdown in five straight games. Needless to say, Murray is playing at an elite level for the Cardinals right now.

The Cardinals have now won four out of their last five contests, as they improve to 6-3.