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Cardinals GM Steve Keim says Arizona traded Josh Rosen because Kyler Murray is a ‘generational talent’

Steve Keim, Kyler Murray, Cardinals, Josh Rosen

The Arizona Cardinals received some criticism this offseason for their handling of Josh Rosen, trading him after just one season, but general manager Steve Keim said the team didn’t have a choice because they see quarterback Kyler Murray as a “generational talent.”

Kliff Kingsbury had nothing but praise leading up to the draft about Murray, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when the team did end up drafting him.

“Taking this guy no. 1, I took a lot of grief for that,” Keim says with a sigh via The Ringer. “You have to make the tough decisions and avoid the outside noise— ‘Why’d you give up on this guy? Why would you trade this guy?’ … It’s unprecedented. I took [Rosen] in the top 10. I just felt that [Murray] was a generational talent that I just couldn’t pass up.”

It’s good that Keim sees Murray as that type of talent because the future of his and Kingsbury’s job probably depends on the success or lack thereof that the former Oklahoma Sooners star has.

Kingsbury runs an air raid style of offense, and he is going to try and make that work at the NFL level. When he was with Texas Tech, the offense was always elite, but the defense held him back.

There are some questions about how that type of offense and Murray can adjust to the NFL, but at least the people inside the locker room and front office believe it can translate, and this team will have success in the league.