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Rumor: Miami Heat real contenders to sign Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, thunder

Over the last several days, the Oklahoma City Thunder have moved forward with their efforts to part ways with former All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony Anthony after just one season.

The Thunder have yet to officially buyout the final year of his deal worth $27.9 million, but the team has allowed for him to meet with other organizations before he officially hits the open market. One of them is the Miami Heat, who held a meeting with the 34-year-old are believe a strong contender to land him in free agency.

Since the potential buyout chatter originally began to surface, the Heat were singled out as one of the potential landing spots for him alongside the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers. Each of these teams happens to possess his closest friends in the league with LeBron James in Los Angeles, Chris Paul in Houston, and Dwyane Wade in Miami.

Although Wade has yet to clarify if he will return for a 16th season, his involvement in the meeting could suggest that he plans on giving it a go for another year as he’s currently an unrestricted free agent. If Wade continues playing, there is a wide belief that it would only be for the Heat. If that happens, this is another opportunity for Carmelo to play alongside one of his closest friends in the league for at least one season.

Nonetheless, Anthony is at the point of his career where he may be looking for the best spot to land in order to win an NBA title. The Heat are not quite there yet, but it does present a chance for him to take up a significant role on the team as a go-to scoring option that could potentially compete in the Eastern Conference.