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Cavs’ LeBron James breaks social media silence for altruistic reasons

LeBron James

Greatest walking basketball player alive. The greatest of his generation. One of the top five NBA players to ever live. All of these distinctions and more refer to LeBron James yet as it matters to the man himself, more needs to be mentioned.

The Cleveland Cavaliers legend has finally broken his social media silence yet it has nothing to do with basketball. Instead, he decided to get into greater matters at hand.

LeBron has decided to turn his Instagram account over to some of his trusted individuals, filling it with inspirational content during the playoffs. This contrasts to his usual promise of “Zero Dark Thirty-23,” his usual “stay away from social media” during the NBA Playoffs, via Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today.

Everybody knows the Banana Boat crew. Though some actually become confused on who was on the already famed Banana Boat, the members of LBJ’s brotherhood aren’t up for debate—and they all look to chip in when it comes to societal matters.

James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and especially, Carmelo Anthony (who wasn’t on the boat), all attempt to take a large hand in societal issues plaguing the active world.

Breaking Zero Dark Thirty-23 Mode is just the latest example of such topics.

In any event, inspirational messages or not, LeBron James has quite the task ahead of him. He and his Cleveland Cavaliers must-win Game 3 on Saturday night in Cleveland if he has any designs of keeping hope alive for a fourth NBA title (second in Cleveland).