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Celtics’ Brad Stevens backs Adam Silver in supporting free speech


The NBA is currently embroiled in a tough diplomatic situation as China is looking to ban the league and the Houston Rockets for a tweet by Daryl Morey calling for Hong Kong’s independence. The league maintained that they are fighting for freedom of expression, and a couple of voices in the association expressed their appreciation for the league’s stand. Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was asked about his thoughts on the current debacle the league has found themselves in, and he had nothing but appreciation for the league’s stance at the cost of losing their biggest market.

Mass Live’s Tom Westerholm reported Stevens’ support for freedom of expression and his delight at the league’s stance on the entire situation:

“I appreciate the league and the league’s support of people’s right to express themselves, and I appreciate the leadership that Adam Silver provides all the time,” Stevens said.

Morey’s tweet has caused unprecedented repercussions in the league from a branding and marketing standpoint. Houston Rockets apparel have been pulled out of Nike stores in China. The preseason game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets was marred by the controversy. Players and coaches have opted out of talking about the issue, claiming that they don’t know enough to know about it.

While Stevens didn’t share his own thoughts on the matter, he appreciated that the league tried to protect the freedoms of its players, coaches, and front office personnel to express their beliefs and convictions. The league is doing everything they can to make everyone involved in the controversy happy.