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Danny Ainge tosses players under the bus after yet another Celtics loss

Danny Ainge Celtics Jayson Tatum

The NBA playoffs are quickly approaching and the Boston Celtics are still finding ways to struggle. After suffering a loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night, the organization stands in a difficult situation. If the Celtics keep playing the way they are, it’ll be no surprise to see them bounced out early in the first round, or even worse, not make the postseason at all.

Danny Ainge has taken the blame on himself multiple times this year, but after acquiring Evan Fournier to improve the roster, the team is still not on par with where it needs to be. After blaming himself and the coaching staff throughout the season, Ainge is putting the pressure on the roster, per Chris Forsberg.

It is rather odd to see the Celtics struggling so much this year. With Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Jaylon Brown, one would think this Boston team would be in the mix for a top seed in the postseason.

Brad Stevens is also considered to be one of the best coaches in basketball as well, and Ainge has a history of being a great general manager. With that in mind, Ainge is correct in his criticism of the roster, as they’re not playing at the same level they were a year ago.

It’s possible this coming up offseason will be a busy one for Ainge and the Celtics, as multiple changes to the team could be what this organization needs to improve. This sounds like Ainge attempting to light a fire under the team and make a push for the playoffs.

We’ll see if it works, as the Boston Celtics take on the Houston Rockets on Friday night.