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Celtics’ Danny Ainge won’t make a fuss about LeBron James tagging Kyrie Irving on video

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Danny Ainge isn’t worried about all the rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics, especially those that concern LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers.

The Celtics are having an up-and-down season that eventually led to star guard Kyrie Irving publicly criticizing his younger teammates. Although the turmoil seemed to have died down, there are now rumors that Irving might leave the team after the season.

Talks of Irving leaving the Celtics escalated when news broke that he reportedly called LeBron James to apologize for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers prematurely.

Following their reported phone conversation, both stars seem to have reconciled. As a matter of fact, James even tagged Irving in an Instagram video, indicating that they’re now in good terms.

But while it could be seen as just two NBA players having some random interaction on social media, it has also increased the speculations that the two All-Stars are planning to reunite in Los Angeles next season.

Celtics owner Danny Ainge was asked about this matter recently and he had this to say.

Ainge seems to be pretty confident about the Celtics’ position at the moment. He believes that Irving will remain with the franchise to help them win their 19th NBA title.

But even if Kyrie Irving decides to leave Boston this summer, the Celtics are still going to be a pretty good team. They have a promising young core of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier. The franchise can either help these guys develop or form a trade package that could help them acquire New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis if he isn’t dealt before the February 7 deadline.

Either way, Ainge is confident with where the Celtics are right now and in the future.