Whenever the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics face each other, things get chippy. With Jimmy Butler out and former Celtics player Terry Rozier going down because of an injury, one would think there would not be drama. However, Jaylen Brown and Duncan Robinson proved that line of thinking wrong. The two got under each other's skin with a flagrant foul also getting thrown into the mix. All of this prompted an assessment by Eddie House, via NBC Sports.

“I don't think Jaylen is a dirty player but… when you feel like teams have been getting away with being a little extra. At the same time, you have to stand your ground. What about when Duncan Robinson was talking to the ref? I like all of that right there. Ain't nothing wrong with that, that's good basketball right there… We shouldn't all be friends,” Eddie House said.

Jaylen Brown and Duncan Robinson clashed multiple times during the Heat-Celtics game. The Celtics All-Star was given a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter after a scuffle that was broken up. Eventually, Brown got the last laugh. He scored 20 points and grabbed nine rebounds to propel the Celtics to their 41st victory of the season.

Robinson also put up 15 points but the Heat just could not pull off the comeback. They fell short by four points after all 48 minutes of action was done. Games may get chippy but it comes with the rivalry between the Heat and Celtics. These two will definitely see each other again and the same intensity can be expected.