After a fantastic first season as a head coach, Ime Udoka suddenly finds himself in hot water. The Boston Celtics boss is facing a likely year-long suspension for having an affair with a female staffer and it appears the backlash may be too much for him to save face. Per Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Udoka is considering the idea of resigning from his position:

This is shocking and to be honest, brutal news for the Celtics. Ime Udoka made a mistake, yes, but he's still a fantastic HC and a big reason Boston even made it to the NBA Finals earlier this year.

There is no question he should face some type of punishment. Perhaps a season-long suspension is too much. However, he shouldn't have to resign. People make mistakes. One thing is for sure though, it's definitely thrown a wrench into his relationship with Nia Long, a well-known actor whom Udoka has children with.

There's yet to be a confirmed suspension for Udoka. It's clear that he's obviously very embarrassed for what he's done though and potentially sees quitting as the only way to steer clear of more drama in this situation.

It's already confirmed that assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will step in as the interim HC for Ime Udoka in 2022-23, but some questionable reports surfaced about Mazzulla and his rocky past on Thursday.

The season hasn't even begun and the Celtics are already in the news for the wrong reasons. This comes just days after Robert Williams was ruled out for the beginning of the campaign, too.

It'll be interesting to see how this Udoka saga plays out in the end.