The Boston Celtics continue to prove they are the best team in the NBA after their latest win against the Washington Wizards, but Jaylen Brown thinks they have yet to reach their peak.

Brown has every reason to say that, though, as the Celtics took down the Bradley Beal-led Wizards without their top player in Jayson Tatum. The 24-year-old forward sat out Sunday's contest due to an ankle injury.

After the game, Brown issued the rather stern warning to the rest of the NBA, as he highlighted that the Celtics can still elevate their game. Of course it's a huge challenge to Boston, but it's definitely a concerning threat to all other teams–especially in the Eastern Conference–looking to win the championship. If they want a shot at the title, they will have to go through a Boston squad that is filled with talents and brimming with confidence.

“I think we're in a good spot and I think we still haven't played our best ball yet. Defensively, I think we can pick it up. We let our offense kinda dictate things. We can be better,” Brown said of the Celtics.

True enough, Jaylen Brown is right. So far this 2022-23, the Celtics' top-ranked offense is what has allowed them to dominate the league. As for their defense, they currently rank 17th in defensive rating in the NBA. But imagine what this Beantown team can do when they recaptured their defensive form last season?

It shouldn't be forgotten that the Celtics were the best defensive team last year, with their defense anchored by Marcus Smart and Robert Williams III.

When the Celtics finally get things going on that end of the floor, the NBA is going to be in a lot of trouble.