The Boston Celtics' comeback bid against the Philadelphia 76ers came a bit short, with Jayson Tatum taking the final shot and missing what would have been a game-tying jumper. When asked about his miss, though, the superstar forward is a bit loss for words.

After all, for Tatum, “s**t happened so fast.”

For those who missed it, the Celtics were behind the Sixers 101-95 with 53 seconds left in the game. A 6-2 run in that span, however, put them just two points behind at 103-101 with two seconds left and Boston owning the possession.

Derrick White inbounded the ball, but before Tatum was able to get to his spot to receive it, there was a bit of physicality on the other side. As Marcus Smart tried to give Tatum a screen, the guard ended up falling and it looked like things weren't to go smoothly for the Celtics.

Tatum was still able to get to get the ball and hoist up a shot, but there wasn't much he could do to take a better look at the basket. In the end, his shot bounced off the rim and the Celtics were dealt another L.

Clearly, though, Jayson Tatum isn't bothered by his missed attempt. While he definitely wishes it went in, he couldn't overthink it. Besides, the Celtics are still in a good spot in the East and have a great chance to secure the no. 2 seed in their remaining three games–two of which are against the Toronto Raptors and one against the Atlanta Hawks.