Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum believes the NBA made the right move of returning to the traditional East vs. West format for the All-Star Game. However, he thinks there is some more tweaking the league can do to make the games even more competitive.

Speaking with Andre Iguodala on the Point Forward podcast, Tatum shared his thoughts on the All-Star Game. For the Celtics star, Adam Silver and Co. should look to make the contest feel a “real game” that players will take seriously. Over the years, the All-Star Game has transformed into a glorified pick-up game that has been just too boring to watch.

When it transitioned to the draft format and set up target scores for the final quarter, the ASG got a major boost. However, it still wasn't perfect and a lot can be done to increase the competitiveness.

Tatum did say that the East vs. West format is a step in the right direction, but he wants to see more.

“I do think changing East and West, and making half time shorter, introduction shorter would make it feel more like a real game,” Tatum noted, via ClutchPoints on X (formerly Twitter).

It's certainly a rather intriguing suggestion, and it's something that's not too hard to execute. Perhaps the NBA will have to sacrifice some precious advertisement time in order to do that, but if it means revitalizing the interest in the annual  festivity, it's a risk worth taking.

For now, though, the NBA has yet to make more changes on the All-Star Game. Hopefully, Silver sees Jayson Tatum's interview.