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Jayson Tatum’s next All-Star teammate is already with the Celtics, per Jerry Stackhouse

Celtics, Jayson Tatum, Aaron Nesmith, Jerry Stackhouse

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are considered as the faces and the future of the Boston Celtics franchise. However, according to ex-NBA swingman Jerry Stackhouse, another future All-Star is lurking behind their shadows and could very well form a new “Big 3” with the two youngsters.

Speaking on the A. List Podcast of CLNS Media, the Vanderbilt coach expressed how high he is on his former player Aaron Nesmith, so much so that he even predicts he would be an All-Star in no less than five years.

“In five years, Aaron Nesmith will be an All-Star,” Jerry Stackhouse proclaimed, via Celtics Blog.

For what it’s worth, Stackhouse acknowledged that the situation Nesmith went into was a bit tough since he joined a Celtics team with established All-Stars and filled with young talent. However, the sharpshooter has certainly adjusted well and is now contributing better to the team.

“He was coming into a situation with established All-Stars on that team,” Stackhouse added. “So I knew it’d take some time to really find his footing. You’re starting to see that now.”

For what it’s worth, Nesmith is averaging just 4.6 points per game on 45.0 percent shooting for the Celtics this season. On Sunday, however, he bagged 16 points in 19 minutes of play. It was already his fourth 15-plus point game in six outings, a clear proof that he is becoming more and more comfortable with Brad Stevens’ system.

Only time will tell if Stackhouse’s prediction will come true. Nonetheless, with Jaylen Brown out for the remainder of the season with a wrist injury, Nesmith has the opportunity to get more playing time and speed up his development to the All-Star his former coach believes him to be.