On Sunday, the Boston Celtics swung a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to acquire guard Jrue Holiday. As part of that deal, the Celts had to send center Robert Williams III to Portland. Boston's star forward Jayson Tatum couldn't hide his disappointment in hearing about Williams III's departure.

In an emotional post on his Instagram, Tatum laid bare his feelings about the team trade away Williams III. “This one hurt. My brotha right here. Toughest part about this buisness (sic), appreciate you for everything,” Tatum wrote on the post, alongside a photo of Tatum and Williams III on the court together.

Tatum offered further encouragement to the newest Blazer, telling him “Keep striving to be special and never change who you are. My dawg 4L till we link up again. Nothing but love.”

It was a busy day for Tatum sending well wishes, as he also wrote a lovely message to Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon was part of the Celtics-Trail Blazers trade as well.

In a cruel twist of irony, just hours before the trade was announced, Williams III had been gushing about Boston and the Celtics' upcoming season. He was excited to finally get back to full health and get back on the court. Now, the next time he takes to the hardwood, it will be as a member of the Trail Blazers.

A 2018 first-round pick of the Celtics, Williams III has spent his entire five year NBA career with the franchise. Williams III, known to the Celtics fan base as “Time Lord” for his penchant for missing team activities in the past, provided exceptional defense for the team.

His athleticism provided endless highlights of Williams III blocking shots and finishing off alley-oops. Now, he'll bring his high-flying ways to the West Coast. We know at least one former Celtics teammate will be missing him.

Tatum will get his first chance to face his old teammate on March 11th in Portland.