Celtics news: Jayson Tatum says 'everybody is kinda tired of talking about last season'
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Celtics’ Jayson Tatum says ‘everybody is kinda tired of talking about last season’


Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum declared that they are ready to move forward after having a disappointing year last season. The third-year forward said that they are already tired of talking about what happened last season, and that they are focused on their campaign in the 2019-20 NBA season.

Tatum told Chris Forberg of NBC Sports that what happened last year is already a thing of the past for them. He pointed out that they already have a new-look team that is already gearing up for the grind next season.

“Last year is behind us,” Tatum said. “Everybody is kinda tired of talking about last season. We got a new team, new guys, so we’re just trying to move on, get ready for next season.”

The Celtics were one of the favorites to win the title last season. They ended up with a 49-33 regular-season record, and were still considered strong contenders heading into the 2019 NBA Playoffs. However, they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in just five games in the second round of the postseason.

Their season was tainted by alleged issues inside the locker room, which affected their team chemistry. Tatum said, though, that they are not pointing fingers, insisting that they will just work hard to bounce back next season.