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Celtics’ Kyrie Irving takes it upon himself to become a better leader

kyrie irving, celtics

Boston Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving had a lot to say after Saturday’s road loss to the Orlando Magic.

The Celtics lost at the buzzer after Jayson Tatum missed a step back jumper from the right corner. Irving was upset because he wanted to take the final shot. Gordon Hayward, who was inbounding the ball, chose to pass it to Tatum instead of Al Horford, who most likely would have performed a dribble handoff with Irving, giving Kyrie a chance to tie the game.

Kyrie Irving touched on a lot of things during his postgame interview. The five-time All-Star talked about how the Celtics don’t have enough experience and that the young guys don’t know what it takes to be on a championship-caliber team.

However, Irving did end his postgame session by saying he needs to be a better leader for the team if they want to accomplish their goal and win the title this season:

Kyrie Irving is right. The Celtics are better than a lot of the teams they have lost to this season. The last two losses, in particular, stand out.

Boston got blown out by the Miami Heat on Thursday. Saturday’s loss to Orlando was the second time this season the Celtics have lost to the Magic.

There is so much talent on Boston’s roster that it looks like they sometimes play down to the level of their competition. That’s something which has to change moving forward if the club has championship aspirations.