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Celtics’ Marcus Smart takes shot at NBA after taking elbow to the throat vs. Sixers

The Boston Celtics started their 2018-19 season on the wrong foot after the team was comfortably taken down by the Philadelphia 76ers. However, this doesn’t mean that the game wasn’t rife with controversy. One of the biggest talking points postgame was the foul Marcus Smart took during the game. He took an elbow to the throat, and the referees apparently didn’t notice the foul happening.

He was asked about the foul, and the longest-serving Celtic has choice words for the referees who officiated the match.

Smart finished with four points, four rebounds, and eight assists in 33 minutes of play. The Celtics as a whole played decently as Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward took the lead on the scoring end.

However, the team was rendered helpless against the Sixers. The team’s starting lineup was dominant across the board. Ben Simmons finished with almost a triple-double, ending the game with 24 points, eight rebounds, and nine assists. Joel Embiid was also influential with his 15 points and 13 rebounds in spite of only playing for 23 minutes.

The weirdest sight for that night was Al Horford playing as a part of the Sixers. Big Al is beloved in Boston and was a popular player during his three years with the team. His move away from the team definitely boosted his championship chances, but he admitted that playing the C’s feels weird to him.

Smart and the Celtics should move on and focus on winning their next game. They will play the Toronto Raptors next, and they have a real shot of winning if Kemba Walker steps his game up and Smart continues to make good passes.