Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce has made headlines for consistently taking himself over Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade in the hierarchy of all-time NBA players. Nevertheless, it sounds like Richard Jefferson at least agrees with Pierce in terms of the clutch moments, taking Pierce over Wade in a last-second shot situation.

Paul Pierce drops his reaction via one emoji, yet it isn't very clear whether or not he agrees with Richard Jefferson or not. Pierce probably does agree while Dwyane Wade most likely does not, although Wade seemingly couldn't care less with his recent induction into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

Regardless of the argument and reaction from Pierce, Jefferson is no stranger to delivering hot takes. Jefferson has become one of the more well-respected former players to turn media and often takes advantage of his credibility to be more courageous with his opinions.

Across the NBA fan and media landscape, most side with Dwyane Wade over Paul Pierce in terms of the argument of who was the better overall player during their NBA careers. However, one cannot deny the success that Pierce had when it came down to the clutch moments, as he was one of the better closers in NBA history.

Stay tuned for any further reaction from Wade or Pierce in regards to the take from Jefferson. Since Jefferson is often on national TV covering the NBA, it wouldn't be a surprise to see more comments from him that could get a response from the Celtics or Heat legend.