Celtics news: Paul Pierce reacts to being crowned the GOAT in 'Game of Zones' finale
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Paul Pierce reacts to being crowned GOAT in ‘Game of Zones’ finale

Paul Pierce, Celtics, Game of Zones

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce chimed in on the series finale of “Game of Zones,” an episode that took a twist by crowning him as the greatest player of all time.

While most of the 12-minute episode was dedicated to LeBron James seeking the title of greatest of all time, Pierce was crowned as the GOAT once Kyrie Irving convinced those at the table that it’s not the titles or the numbers, but the story that makes a GOAT.

Watch the whole episode here:

It was then that the story pivoted from a Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James plot to one where Pierce shined in true Bran Stark fashion.

The former Celtics star was so happy about it that he made it his new profile pic:

The popular “Game of Thrones”-inspired animated series captured the pulse of the nation by taking the GOAT debate into its storyline, now that “The Last Dance” has once again brought it back to light.

The former Celtics forward notably left LeBron James off his top-five list but was lucky to get blessed with the last laugh in the epic “Game of Zones” finale, which featured a number of legends, current stars and media members.

“The Truth” has had plenty of unpopular opinions since retiring from the game and turning into an NBA analyst, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he survived a stabbing, came back into the game after being rolled out on a wheelchair, and called “game” instead of bank after nailing a game-winning shot late in his career.

The Celtics legend even had the gall to say he was better than Dwyane Wade — that alone makes for a good story.

Jokes aside, “Game of Zones” delivered an ending worthy of its predecessor “Game of Thrones,” leaving fans gasping with a quite mind-numbing ending to the series.