Terry Rozier of the Boston Celtics is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit, as he was sued by a New York-based merchandise store.

Per Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated, Rozier, taking advantage of his “Scary Terry” alias, has been selling merchandise featuring a variation of the mask worn by the “Ghost Face” killer from the 1996 film “Scream.”

However, Easter Unlimited — a corporation that does merchandise under the name Fun World — sued Rozier for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeiting and dilution by blurring.

The company has hold of the intellectual property of the Ghost Face mask. They were the ones who allowed “Scream” producers to use the property through contractual licenses.

Below is the mark that Fun World received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registration in 2010:

“consists of a stylized representation of a ghost outlined in a red with a white face, black eyes, nose and mouth, a black cloak and holding a black and gray knife in its left hand. The stylized wording ‘ghost face’ appears in shades of gray to white below the ghost design with a red drop hanging off the letter ‘F’ in ‘Face’. The black rectangle represents background only and is not part of the mark.”

It is revealed that Rozier and his team did not reach out to Fun World to purchase such a license. As a result, the company insists that Rozier owes some $150,000 for each act of infringement, on top of an injunction to prevent him from further selling “Scary Terry” merchandise.